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zED commenced around Easter 2019. It is in alpha and is an MVP.  In the “new” the gov.uk to gov.uk/nhs.net/police.uk email being secure (ie the post GCSx world). How do we assess if suppliers to local councils are secure?  Do they use TLS s ecuring their email via encryption and do they have a dmarc DNS record in place set at reject/100% thus securing their reputation as senders of email?
zED seeks to answer this question with regular and one-off scans, and aid the decision making of data asset owners. DPO’s and SIRO’s, it is supported in its development by ISfL (the London WARP), SW WARP and HP WARP at this time.
We will keep you posted, so pop back here sometime, or if a member we will be posting updates to WARPTalk
Code: in development now and running on AWS (London) Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS (HVM), using Bash and Perl, coded by @cryptomoose, using the mighty @SwaksSMTP  for TLS testing with words by @waoaoms