We have two projects you may want to engage:
As of Nov 2020 zED is well over a year old. The code is being split into two. The two new code sets will be a ‘dsipatcher’ and a ‘scanner’, in addition there will be a .csv format coming in to use. Both the dispatcher and scanner continue to be very extensible, so if you have any ideas?
We may be best known for our digital certificate SSL/TLS Scanner, which came out of another larger project/code set that was being worked on. It came to be very functionally very quickly and was tested on live local government websites (with the consent of their security people) within a few days of being started, this, for now, is a free to use service for now for the broader public sector community.  It’s in use by lots of local government around the UK, as well as the Met Police, schools and 3rd / voluntary sector organisations.