Pricing / Licensing

Our service/product offering currently has four categories:
    • Free for now – you may like to make a contribution to our running costs or help with some research in return?
    • Cost Recovery – any surplus on our side is re-invested into infrastructure.
    • Paid Beta – As far as we can cost neutral, but with the aim of helping us to complete our work while we help you to solve a problem!
    • Grant of license for a specific number of things, domains, users or scans for a period of time, on which we will agree to a price. This can also include workshops and seminars for feedback and to fix what we have found!
What does this mean?  Well, we have servers for this website, servers for email and servers for running code/data processing on the Google apps engine, these all cost us money. However, we try to be frugal and we use free themes and plugins for WordPress and proudly do not remove the vendors logos! We have some nice but minimal sponsorship from an SME and others helping with loan kit and access to technology.
So if you can help let us know by selecting “I want to help” on the contact page. Likewise, if you want to join us, and help make or test stuff then again just get in contact!
Licenses thus far granted to:
  • Synergic UK Ltd ( to run the Webscan and the Crofton Blue utility for its customers
  • OLMGroup for Digital Certificate scanner for own infrastructure
  • SME’s Package of Monthly Digital Certificate and Webscan utilities at £120pa ex VAT (suitable for Cyber Essentials)